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Q:  Where are Prolevel's products made? 

A: With some exceptions, almost all our products are manufactured in the United States. 

Q:  Do you make Custom Jerseys? 

A:  Due to the creative care and thought put into manufacturing custom jerseys and apparel lines, this process is reserved for brand collaborations, leagues, gaming organizations, and other partners.  If you’re interested in collaborating with us, please email us   

Q:  What about customizing a single esports Jersey or limited quantity for a team?  Can I do that?

A: You can!  If you're a small team or individual gamer looking for customizable jerseys, you can view our jersey collection HERE.  Simply select the Jersey you want to customize, click "customize with gamer tag," and add a Team Name, Gamertag, or Real Name.  An exclusive bespoke process made for you, the Gamer.  NOTE: This adds approx. 1 additional day to your jersey arrival time.

Q:  Can I return a product that didn't fit? 

A:  Kindly view our return policy HERE. 

Q:  We’re a High School or Collegiate league/team looking at outfitting our players. How do we inquire about this?

A : Please and a representative will contact you in regards to our High School & Collegiate uniform programs. 

Q:  How did Prolevel start? 

A:  By two guys in a garage, like all proper companies do!  Actually, it was founded in 2012 by an Avid Gamer and a former NCAA Athlete that wanted esports to have it's own Athletic Wear. 

Q: We’re a company looking to license out our IPs for apparel collections.  Are you interested in designing and manufacturing licensed apparel? 

A:  Definitely!  Please and a representative will contact you to discuss how our brand and team can help create apparel lines for your license. 

Q: When I order on, how long does my order take? 

A: Typically your order will be cut, sewn, and made to order for you within 7-10 business days, and shipping to most people is 1-4 business days depending on your selected shipping method. 

Do you guys offer sponsorships? 

A: Yes!  We do occasionally look for talented creators and players/gamers to sponsor and represent our brand. Feel free to about yourself and why we should consider you for our next sponsorship! We’d love to hear from you! 

Q: What does "Professional Gaming Wear" mean or refer to? 

A: While the focus of most serious gamers has traditionally been on their "hardware" i.e. controllers, mice, chairs, keyboards, headsets, glasses, etc.  At Prolevel Professional Gaming Wear we focus on the "software" or "softWEAR" if you will.  Jerseys, Compression Sleeves, Hoodies, Towels, Jackets, Headwear, Shirts, and Legwear etc.   A sometimes forgotten part of esports, what you wear can have a consequential impact on game performance.  Engineered for Esports.