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March 13, 2022 3 min read

The esports industry has experienced many transformations throughout its history. RTS games like Starcraft II used to rule the game industry, and some FPS franchises' famous games like Counter-Strike and Halo were the most-viewed esports events played in the '90s decade.

The change in technology impacted the gaming industry. With the arrival of streaming platforms like YouTube Gaming (in recent years), Twitch, HitBox, etc., and the tremendous expansion of mobile gaming, titles like League of Legends, Fortnite, PUBG, Free Fire, and CS have conquered the gaming industry and converted into esports. Many competitors raise in player base and bystanders in its international competitions.

We are looking into the most popular esports tournaments to date and those that have unmatchable worldwide viewership. 

Top 5 Famous Esports Tournaments :

1 - 2021 Free Fire World Series Singapore - 5,414,953+ viewership

The currentbiggest esports tournament is the Free Fire World series of 2021, which has the most viewership status in this ecosystem. If something has become crystal clear in recent years, mobile gaming has become more popular in the esports industry.

The most recent edition has sat on the top list with a viewership of more than 5.4+ million. The recent edition of Free Fire World Series managed to break all records and anticipations, reaching numbers never assumed for the public title to any streaming platform.

The first of two World Series organized for 2021 managed to bring together the best 18 Free Fireteams in person, who faced each other in the most significant competition. The event was live from the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. In the end, Phoenix Force won the tournament and took home USD 500,000 and the title of world champions.

2 - League of Legends World Championship 2019 edition - 3,985,787+ viewership

The League of Legends 2019 edition, Worlds, took place across Europe, where appearing regions presented a great fight in the Play-Ins from the LEC Studio. 

In 2019, this tournament gave many tough competitions that are still a hot topic to discuss. It has almost 4 millions+ watching the world finals through their screens, the most-watched League of Legends in history. And FunPlus has created history against G2 Esports, winning the tournament.

3 - League of Legends World Championship 2020 edition - 3,882,252+ viewership

League of Legends 2020 edition is still one of the most esteemed tournaments in the esports industry. It went through several difficulties due to the current worldwide situation, after the host country has chosen was none other than China.

Riot Games achieved the impossible by transporting almost every participating team (except the Vietnamese ones) to Summoner's Rift event in Shanghai, China. 

This tournament has brought almost 4 million viewers who witness DAMWON Gaming's winning.

4 - PUBG Mobile Global Championship - 3,801,998+ viewership

Initially, the PUBG mobile was an Open Club tournament. It was transmitted to Krafton's battle royale - the PUBG Mobile Global Championship has become the Pro Leagues'most-viewed esports event.

The match was held from 21st to 26th January 2021 in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates for two months. Where 24 teams faced each other for a cumulative purse of USD 2 million. Players played with all the precautionary measures, and Nova Esports, the legendary squad won the championship worth USD 700,000.

5 - MBLL M2 World Championship - 3,083,245+ viewership

Starting from the most recent famous tournament of 2021, the MBLL M2 World Championship is still one of the most esteemed and biggest esports tournaments in the Mobile Legends esports scene. It was postponed due to the pandemic, which brought together the 12 best teams worldwide in Singapore from 18th to 24th January 2021.

The champions of this tournament are BREN Esports of the Philippines, who managed to return home with a grand prize of USD 140,000, out of a cumulative purse of USD 300,000.

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